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How often do you feel pain? Every month, every week, every hour or every minute? To what extent does it disrupt your job and your leisure? Have you ever wondered what pain actually is?

The ancient Greeks called pain the feeling that is the opposite of pleasure. This definition of pain was the most common one until the 16th century. In the 17th century the French philosopher René Descartes noted that there are certain cells in the body that receive pain stimuli. These "receptors" (receivers of pain) transform the stimuli into electrical messages which travel along special nerve paths until they reach the brain where the message is received as pain. Today pain is considered to be a complex occurrence in our nervous system. Between nerves a delicate balance is maintained which can carry pain messages. At the same time the brain is producing chemical substances which help to block pain. Pain is the symptom we detect first and which makes us seek medical attention.

Acute pain is pain that is caused by an injury or illness. The pain helps us to discover that something is wrong. This type of pain does not last for long (it lasts at the most for one month).

CHRONIC PAIN Pain that lasts or recurs over a long period of time is called chronic pain. The pain stems from illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and other joint problems, backache, headache and many other problems.

Drugs are often very effective in blocking acute pain. We would not be able to undergo an operation without them. But the drugs have side effects that restrict our ability to do such necessary things such as drive a car. For a patient with chronic pain drugs are often not effective enough. Electrical stimulation has now been rediscovered and has been found to be the most effective way to relieve pain without any side effects.

Electrical stimulation to control pain is not new. Centuries ago physicians used the electric eel to cure gout and headaches. In the 18th century, dentists reported excellent results from simple electrical stimulation. At the beginning of the century electrical devices were often used to cope with pain and to cure everything from cancer to impotence. In 1965 the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to two researchers for their explanation of the likely mechanism of pain. This theory also explained how electrical stimulation can minimize the experience of pain. In 1967 new inventions to control severe back pain emerged. It was eventually discovered that electrotherapy was very effective and that it could be used as a treatment. The device being used at the time became known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). Instantly it became widely accepted by physicians and dentists to control pain.

ALPHA-STIM 100 is the most advanced electrotherapy-instrument in existence. It is a complete Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation System. It allows the knowledgeable physician, nurse or the patient themself to achieve the best possible result by analysing the progress of the treatment. Its unique design allows for treatment of localised areas of pain.
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Our goal is to prevent the occurrence of back injuries and severe pain that leads to persistent limitations in mobility and quality of life. This can be avoided by good knowledge, training and thoroughly tested aids.

It makes sound economic sense to invest long-term in staff welfare.

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